What to Know Before Launching Your Startup’s First Influencer Marketing Campaign

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By: Carli Evilsizer + Aviram Kadosh | January 3, 2018

Is your startup considering testing out influencer marketing for the first time? With so many brands investing large chunks of their marketing budget into influencer marketing, it’s clearly an effective marketing strategy for social savvy brands.

But what should a startup know before hosting an influencer marketing campaign? And how can they ensure the campaigns will be effective and authentic? We chatted with Aviram Kadosh, CEO & Co-Founder of Shoperr, to get his top tips for startups considering launching their first influencer marketing campaigns.


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Shoperr is a platform that allows anyone to open an online shop, share and recommend their go-to products with friends & followers, and make money from authentic product recommendations. Shoperr is especially useful for content creators, influencers, professionals, bloggers, and anyone with a solid follower-base that are either looking to enhance their earnings potential or simply create their first online shop. Shoperr provides a reliable solution for anyone looking to monetize their content online and protect their authenticity as creators. Shoperr’s mission is to place the creators in the front line and work on solutions to protect their authenticity as creators while granting them advanced monetization solutions.


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Aviram Kadosh

CEO & Co-Founder


Aviram is a 32 year old entrepreneur with passion for high social impact products. He has gained significant experience in the online-marketing arena, product management and administrative management and spends part of his time as a marketing consultant for several startups in various stages and fields.

He takes immense pleasure form working with the fantastic team at Shoperr and is I also a musician. Before Shoperr, he co-founded Wehows.com, a how-to content sharing platform, where people can buy the equipment and materials needed to perform directly from the video page. He also co-founded Zoltura, a profitable affiliation and marketing company in israel which is now operating worldwide.


5 Things to Consider Before Launching Your First Influencer Marketing Campaign

Set Goals

Try to predict the outcome and align your marketing goals with the business, ask the right questions - What was the impact on brand equity parameters as a result?  How was users engagement compared to other channels? Can we attribute any sales coming as a result? Any influencer campaign needs to closely align with the marketing messages of other touchpoints as much as possible. This is crucial for campaign effectiveness.

Measure ROI

Utilize additional tools to measure your ROI - track links, hashtags and comments. Connect your influencer campaign to other BI tool at your disposal. There are many hacks and available tools that will help you measure impact.

Check Compatibility

Find out if the influencer is right for your brands. Contact the influencer and ask directly, What do you think about my brand? Picking someone that relates to your product/service and has used it before resonates in any future campaign.

Select the Right Influencers

Choose the right influencers team by matching their character,  qualities and values to your product and service. Analyze their audience types, look into their comments, use analytics tools (some mentioned above) to understand their demographic composition and interests. The influencer is the medium and the face of your brand. Make sure they are the right fit.

Use a Mix to Maximize Sales

Work across the influencer spectrum to maximize engagement and sales. Larger influencers, with greater reach potential, doesn’t promise success. On the contrary, a smarter selection of smaller influencers (Micro/Nano) convert much better and leave a much more authentic and positive impression on the target audience. This has significant long-term effects on the brand and of course the influencer.

Photo from Shoperr

Photo from Shoperr


How to Maintain Authenticity When Working With Influencers

Pitch to The Right Target Audience

Many brands miss out on this point. Every influencer and content platform has a diverse user base expanding across different countries, gender, interests, and backgrounds. There are analytics platforms like Hyper, Upfluence and others that provide in-depth social analytics of the follower base. No authenticity will resonate no matter how creative the campaign might be if the right audience isn’t being targeted.

Select Influencers Who Are Aligned With Business Goals

The type of influencer should reflect the objectives of the specific initiative. For example, if a company launching a new innovative product, example Apple promoting their new iOS update, they should pick an influencer that is perceived as sleek and cutting edge. The influencer is the medium, and the medium is the message. Research and think of how the influencer is perceived and how it compensates for or contributes to activation goals.

Influencers Need to Connect to Their Inner “Brandness”

Finding the connection and spark between the influencer and the brand which makes a sponsorship ad appear seemingly natural, creative and authentic. This is highly relevant once the campaign is live, and pretty much up to the influencer, to find the right voice and tone that aligns with brand character and what it is trying to achieve. On the brand side, if there is any accompanying text to a post then it needs to somehow relate to the influencer’s native content.

Brand Values Should Correlate With Influencer’s Values

Both brands and influencers need to facilitate the right connection with each other for authenticity to render with the audience. In many cases when the core values of the brand DNA match those of the influencer this is a recipe for success. Every brand has its own DNA, for example, P&G’s Pantene- “Strong is Beautiful” who are seeking someone to represent values of woman empowerment. Check out their recent callout on Twitter by @ashleygraham.


Thanks Aviram for sharing your startup influencer marketing tips!

Want to learn more about Shoperr? Check out our interview with Aviram about the inspiration behind Shoperr, how the platform works and his insights into the world of influencer/content marketing.

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