Startup Video Marketing Tips From Swish, The New Video App for Entrepreneurs

Photo from Lightricks

Photo from Lightricks

By: Carli Evilsizer | Feb 22, 2019

Is your startup looking to test out video marketing? Lightricks, the company behind the ever popular image editing app, Facetune, has launched a new video editing app created specifically for startup founders, social media managers or any entrepreneur looking to create online video marketing content.

With over 75 templates for easy-to-create customizable videos, Swish is helping startups easily create quality videos to better market their brands on social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. Lightricks clearly knows what works on social media and their Facetune app was a massive success because they were able to create an app that helped people with zero Photoshop experience expertly edit photos from their phone. So, they decided to do the same for videos!

Not only does Swish sound like a great platform for startup founders and marketers to create video content marketing but the Swish team also shared some helpful insights for anyone considering utilizing video marketing for their startup. Keep reading to hear from Stav Tishler, Lightricks’ Director of Marcom, to learn how Swish works and her top video marketing tips for startups and entrepreneurs.


How Lightricks Launched Swish to Help Startups Easily Create High-Quality Videos

Lightricks is the creator of popular, award-winning image and video editing apps. Since the company hit the ground running with their flagship product Facetune, which has become a household term in countries around the world, Lightricks has now built an arsenal of powerful, creativity apps used by millions. Lightricks was bootstrapped until 2015, when it received its first funding round of $10 million. Based in Israel with subsidiaries in New York and London, Lightricks ended 2018 with over $50 million in revenues and is expected to double revenues by the end of 2019. The company has just received its second round of funding of $60 million and is in a period of rapid growth, expanding its offices and planning to double its team by the end of 2019. Lightricks is bringing content creation to mobile on all fronts: content creation tools for aspiring artists, for small businesses owners looking to market their products, and for those building their personal brand. For more information, visit

Photo from Lightricks

Photo from Lightricks

Photo from Lightricks

Photo from Lightricks


Stav Tishler Lightricks.PNG

Stav Tishler

Director of Marcom at Lightricks



1. Tell me more about Lightrick’s latest app, Swish.

Swish makes it super easy to create stunning, professional-looking video ads for social media with just a few taps.  It’s a great tool for SMBs and entrepreneurs who need quality ad content without spending a lot of money.

2. What was the inspiration behind Swish?

At Lightricks, we have a whole suite of apps that make visual design more accessible (Facetune and Pixaloop among them), and we saw that a lot of SMBs were using our apps to create marketing materials. We thought that if people were already using our existing tools for this purpose, we could make a huge impact if we created tools that were specifically designed to meet the marketing needs of SMBs and entrepreneurs.  We were well aware that quality video ads have incredible ROI, but that they could be really expensive to create. Most SMBs were hiring video editors at really high price points, and we realized that we could make it a lot easier.  And that’s how we got to Swish!


3. How exactly does the app work?

You browse video templates by topic and choose one that represents your brand or whatever you’re advertising.  From there, you can edit text, upload your logo, and then export your video! You also have the ability to upload your own video footage, to buy low-cost clips from Getty Images, and edit a bit more heavily if you’d like.  We really mean it when we say that you can create gorgeous video ads with just a few taps!

Photo from Lightricks

Photo from Lightricks

Photo from Lightricks

Photo from Lightricks


4. What are some of your favorite features of the new app?

I love how easily you can choose which video format you want, so that right from the beginning, your video looks great on whatever platform you’re using it for, whether it’s a Facebook ad, an Instagram story, or something else.  I also found the color picker to be a really useful feature, so that you can take a video clip and have the background colors match your visual branding without actually having to choose new footage.

5. Is Swish a free app?

Swish is free to download and there are a number of video templates available for free as well.  We also offer a monthly subscription option for people who want access to all of our templates and features.

6. How can Swish help startups improve their marketing?

Video is a critical element of effective online campaigns that capture attention, communicate your brand to your audience, and deliver ROI in the form of conversions.  Until recently, startups essentially had to choose between using scrappy, unprofessional video content or using way too much of their lean marketing budget to pay a professional video editor.  Swish helps startups compete with larger brands by making excellent, easy-to-create video content free or low-cost -- and fast.

Photo from Lightricks

Photo from Lightricks

Photo from Lightricks

Photo from Lightricks


7. Why is video such an important marketing tool for startups and small business owners?

One of the main reasons is that some of the bigger platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, have been very transparent about the fact that they’re moving toward becoming more video-centric platforms.  Anyone who isn’t already prioritizing video risks getting left behind pretty quickly.

Also, it doesn’t take very much poking around to see that an overwhelming number of brands find that video ads have better results in terms of clicks and conversions.  We’ve seen that in-house at Lightricks as well—we advertise all of our apps on social media.  Video is a really powerful medium that allows you to communicate with your target audience in a way that a single image can’t.

8. What should startups know about video marketing before they begin creating video content?

It’s important to feel empowered.  You look around and see all of these compelling videos, and it’s so easy to assume that you have to have a ton of experience or technical skills to produce quality video content.  Nowadays, that’s simply not true. Anyone who has a good sense of your brand and target audience, along with a smartphone, can create compelling video content.

9. Anything else you’d tell startups before they begin creating video content?

Just get started.  Like most things related to entrepreneurial pursuits, it’s better not to hesitate. Get started on the iteration process so that the ROI comes sooner rather than later.


Director of Marcom at Swish Shares HER Top 3 STARTUP Video Marketing Tips

1. Take Time to Define YOUR Target Audience

I like to think of video ads like clothes; there is no such thing as a shirt that appeals to all demographics, shapes, sizes, and cultures.  It’s exactly the same thing when it comes to marketing content, and video is no exception. Before creating your content, take some time to think about who your precise target audience is, and what defines them.  That bit of work beforehand can determine the success of your video content more than anything else.

2. Allow Yourself to Be Inspired

Take a look at other brands in your space and make note of what seems to be effective or compelling from the perspective of your target audience.  A lot of times, this type of research gives us the initial inspiration that we need in order to figure out what works for our brand.   

3. A/B Testing Is a Must!

Since it’s quick and easy to create video ads, you should always create a few different concepts and test them against each other. If you’ve taken the time to think critically about your target audience, you have a good shot at having created a video that appeals to them -- but you have to be sure that you’re maximizing ROI.  To do that, start out with a few different video ads and look closely at clicks and conversions. Try to understand why some ads outperform others, and keep optimizing until you reach your goals.  


Thanks Stav for sharing more about Swish and your top video content marketing tips for startups! For anyone looking to test out video marketing, you can download the Swish app here.

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