How OnePitch Built a Brand to Put an End to Bad PR Pitches

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By: Carli Evilsizer | May 29, 2018

According to OnePitch’s CEO and Founder Rebecca Bamberger, the media world is an aging industry that needs to be disrupted and simplified. So, she built a new solution for PR/comms and media professionals to help put an end to bad pitches.

To use OnePitch, PR professionals fill out a simple pitch template then their pitch is only sent to journalist who have opted in to receive pitches on that topic. Not only is this easier for communications professionals, but it’s better for journalists. With OnePitch, media professionals have more control over what type of pitches they receive and they only receive one email per day. (No more scanning tons of emails filled with bad pitches!)

We love OnePitch not only because they have built a great product that solves real problems in the media industry, but their team is passionate about building a strong brand and make it a point to follow up with their users on a regular basis to incorporate their recommendations. We chatted with Jered Martin, Founding Partner & COO and Cassie Gonzalez, Community & Brand Manager about how they built the OnePitch brand.


Startup Branding Tips From OnePitch

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OnePitch is the PR industry’s first email pitch platform that matches pitches to journalists’ preferences through a specific categorization and vetting process. The OnePitch teams vets every users who joins the platform as well as every piece of content that is posted on their platform.

Then, publicists upload and categorize their pitches based on select “topics” and “industries.” Journalists select the same “topics” and “industries” within their profiles. Once pitches have been submitted, OnePitch sends ONE email a day of the pitches that matches journalists’ exact topics and industries. Journalists have the option to contact the publicist directly from their OnePitch emails if desired.


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Jered Martin

Founding Partner & COO, OnePitch


1. Tell me about OnePitch!

"OnePitch connects media professionals with the most relevant, verified industry experts and sources. Media professionals receive One email per day with pitches that are curated to fit their writing interests, and respond directly to experts and sources to pursue a relationship or story."

2. What was the inspiration behind OnePitch?

"OnePitch was inspired by our Founder/CEO, Rebecca Bamberger, who identified the need for a new solution in an aging industry. She's worked in PR for over 10 years and built close relationships with numerous top tier media professionals who've all voiced their praise (and the need) for a tool like OnePitch." 

3. Can you tell me more about the OnePitch brand? How did you build it?

"Set clear and measurable KPIs, test and always improve and think innovative. You need to identify your competitor's weakness and outsmart them."

4. Why is it so important for a startup to build a solid brand from day one?

"Building a brand from day one allows everyone to understand the unified goal we're trying to achieve, as well as provides clarity as to WHY we're doing this."


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Cassie Gonzalez

Community & Brand Manager, OnePitch


1. How would you describe the OnePitch brand??

"OnePitch is the tool made for the next generation of communications and media professionals. We are trying to make a long and tedious process as simple as possible and therefore we mirror that simplicity in our no BS messaging."

2. What is your favorite design element of the OnePitch brand?

"The color! The yellow is optimistic and fun which matches our culture in the office working with each other, as well as the outlook we have towards strengthening the relationships between our users."

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OnePitch Branding Tips Media Company

3. What is the hardest part of building a brand for a startup?

"The hardest part of building a brand for a startup is having to start completely from scratch and not always knowing 100% what ideas are going to work. When you start at a company that has already had some traction, you can use past campaigns to evaluate how effective your efforts will be, but at a startup it's a lot of testing new ideas, failing and adjusting those ideas to fit your audience's needs. It's the hardest part, but it's also my favorite because it allows for unlimited amounts of creativity."


TIP: Always Think About The WHY As You Build a Startup Brand

If you are just starting to build a startup or you have recently joined a startup and have been tasked with building/improving the branding, be sure to always focus on the users. The strongest tool to help build a great startup brand is knowing and thinking about the WHY. In every step of your branding, you should be thinking about the WHY. What is the problem you are solving? Why does your startup even exist? Who are you helping? Understanding the why will help guide every aspect of the branding, from the tone of voice to the logo and possibly even the colors!

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