Social Media Freelancers Share a Free Tip For Startups

Photo by  Lindsay Sganga

By: Carli Evilsizer | October, 2019



How do you land a startup marketing job?

  1. Location, Location, Location


Cathrine Nelson

Social Media Coordinator / Content Creator

“Social media is an important marketing vehicle that allows you to connect with your target market. In order to help your posts reach the market you would like to connect with be sure to maximize on any features that the platform allows for you to use when doing a post. Add a location to your post. Tag any influencers, partners or any other accounts that are relevant to that post. By doing even these simple additions to your posts, you will be more likely to reach and connect with the audience that you wish to reach rather than just doing the post without these features. Sometimes in social media, the smallest changes can make a huge impact on your organic reach.”


2. Get On Pinterest ASAP

Lindsay+Scholz headshot.png

Lindsay Scholz

Owner Lindsay Scholz Studio

“Whether you’re a service or product-based company, learn to leverage Pinterest early on in your social strategy. Instagram is quickly becoming cluttered with noise, but Pinterest gives you a clickable opportunity to portray your brand in a creative way. Pin consistently and use keywords that rank high in search, and you’ll be surprised at the uptick your web traffic will likely see!”


3. Pick a Platform & Master It

elizabeth gladney headshot.jpg

Elizabeth Gladney

Graphic Designer + Pinterest Strategist

“Invest in a social strategy that is both long-lasting and reaches your ideal audience. Figure out which platforms your perfect clients are using regularly and focus your time and energy there. Also, don’t try to master every single social platform! That’s a time-sucker and likely won’t be as beneficial as mastering one or two platforms.”


4. Provide Real Value


Kelci Douglas

Digital Media Manager

“Make sure your bio tells people visiting your profile exactly what you do and how you help them or provide services for them. Engagement is the best way to grow your business on social media, find your ideal client and comment on their photos and respond to their stories. Posting valuable content on your channel is most important because if you’re not providing any benefits to the people who might follow you, they won’t. Give TONS of free value with video tutorials, trainings and your best tips/tricks.”


5. Send Instagram DM’s

Lindsay Sganga headshot

Lindsay Sganga

Social Media & Business Coach

“It all GOES DOWN IN THE DMS. Instagram DMs are not only an incredible place to connect with people from all over the world, but it’s a useful tool to help you create engagement for you platform! Voice note, video chat or text people in the DMs daily and start using it as a means to create powerful leads and meaningful connections.”


Startup founders and marketers: If you are looking to grow and maintain an authentic and engaged audience on social media, be sure to provide your followers valuable content worth engaging with. Also, don’t forget to be a genuine human! Send your followers DM’s and only invest your time and energy into a few social media platforms. 

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