Social Media For Startups… Worth The Time or Not?

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By: Carli Evilsizer | April 15, 2018

With so little time and resources it might seem hard to justify building and maintaining social media accounts for a startup. When the company first launches this can often fall on a founder to set up. And until the company has enough funding or revenue to hire a full-time social media person, this might fall in the lap of the most creative person at the startup or anyone on the marketing team.

We live in such a digital world and there are so many great things about social media but it can take time and energy startups might not have, So, is social media worth it for startups or not? We asked founders and marketer’s their thoughts! 


YES! It’s The Most Valuable Startup Marketing Strategy

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Wes Foster


“What type of marketing is most valuable to a startup when they first launch? Instagram and Facebook, believe it or not. I work in marketing and have worked with many startup tech companies in the past across NY and CA. One great example is how -- a company in which I worked heavily in the development of their web application / SaaS -- used instagram and other forms of *visual* social media to boost their launch. The best type of marketing for startups is *visual* marketing. Whether through Instagram, Billboards, or Display Ads, visualization is very important. You need to captivate your audience through emotions in order to get them to be receptive to your innovative products and ideas.”

-Wes Foster


YES! Without a Doubt

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Marissa Heckman


“A startup should invest in social media without a doubt. We are in a digital age where specific targeting is possible and creating a profile is free. A startup would miss out on the opportunity to reach out to potential consumers, form relationships, and gain brand awareness from day one if they opted out of social media. Not to mention, by opting out they’re giving their competitors the entire floor to speak on social. To get started on social, leverage your friends and family in a social contest to immediately get as much virality as possible. Continuously make engagement-driving, interesting and, most importantly, valuable content that will draw people to your page because they want more. If you're starting from scratch, put some budget behind your post or page and target your specific audience with purpose. Lastly, do not be afraid to interact with your audience. You’re on social so be social!”

-Marissa Heckman, Organic Social Media Manager at Power Digital Marketing


YES! It Builds Brand Loyalty & Boosts SEO


Azaz Motiwala


“Of course startups should invest In social media. Social Media Marketing has become a vital part of digital marketing strategy in today’s digitally social age. It does not just help startups raise the brand awareness, but can also generate more customers and brand advocates. As startups are lacking funds and human resources, they should use Buffer or similar apps to schedule and post to all their social channels at a time. Apart from engaging content, posting links of their own website will help boost SEO ranks.”

-Azaz Motiwala, Founder & CMD at IKON Marketing Consultants


YES! It’s Cheap Marketing

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Wes Marsh


“With as cheap as social media marketing is, there's absolutely no excuse for a startup company not to invest in it as a marketing campaign. Get your brand involved in relevant industry conversations through social media trends. Take note of what questions people are asking your competitors about the industry, and while planning a larger marketing strategy, figure out how your company can answer those questions. Most important tip? Seek out genuine engagement rather than a high follower count.”

-Wes Marsh, Director of Digital Marketing at Solodev


NO. You Should Build a Community First

Charu Babbar


“The #1 mistake* made by startups in their Marketing Strategy is amplification using Social Media Marketing. It may seem contradictory to the usually 'be social' suggestion we get from everyone and everywhere. Let me explain. Only early adopters try and accept a new product or a service. These early adopters are present on Social Media, but they need to be united together first. Only then the true power of Social Media will be harnessed. So, instead of focussing on amplification using SMM, startups should focus on building communities or as Seth Godin says ‘tribe’ first. Once these communities are strong enough, use them for promotion and amplification.”

-Charu Babbar, Co-Founder of ProductivitySpot


Overall the answer is, yes, startups should invest the time in social media marketing. While most people agreed that social media is worth it for startups, they did suggest being strategic. For example, startups might not want to invest their time in maintaining every platform. 

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