How to Launch a Side Hustle That Inspires Creativity & Community

Bad People Book Club

By: Carli Evilsizer | August 10, 2018

Ever wished you could find a creative outlet that also made you money? We loved hearing from Abbey Jones, Founder of Bad People Book Club, about initially launching her side hustle as a creative outlet. 

She loved to read but as she got older she found she had less time to devote to one of her favorite hobbies. So, she launched Bad People Book Club to solve this problem and has created a brand that inspires creativity while building an amazing community of fellow "bad people".  Learn more about what inspires her and how she's built a side hustle brand that not only generates money but has connected people through a unique social reading experience. 


How Abbey Jones Launched a Side Hustle & Created a Brand That Inspires Creativity + Community

Bad People Book Club

Bad People Book Club


Bad People Book Club is a book box that transforms books into cocktail recipes. Each box comes with the book of the month, a bespoke cocktail recipe in theme with the book, cocktail ingredients from local suppliers, aguide to enhance your experience and a chance to opt-in to our podcast, which gives you fun, IRL questions about the book.

Lucky Lemonade Bad People Book Club cocktail

Abbey Jones Headshot

Abbey Jones

CEO & Founder of Bad People Book Club


Abbey Jones is the CEO & Founder of Bad People Book Club.  Abbey was born and raised in South Dakota but has now lived on four continents.  She holds books responsible for her wanderlust.


1. So, what exactly is Bad People Book Club?

"Bad People Book Club is a subscription book service that transforms books into cocktail recipes. Each month, we send our subscribers the book of the month, a bespoke cocktail recipe, and ingredients in the theme of the book."

2. What was the inspiration behind the book club?

"I started the company because as I eased (read: kicked and screamed) my way into adulthood, my time for reading was sacrificed. This was especially disappointing for me because I used to be the kid that got into trouble for staying up too late reading. I realized that a lot of my peers were in the same situation – so I wanted to re-contextualize reading by making books fun and social." 

"Our mission is to make
books cool
by connecting
people through social reading
experiences that matter."


3. So, is Bad People Book Club your full-time job?

"Not yet – I still work as a content strategist for large agencies and a clothing brand. I love storytelling, and I love putting it to use for brands to build relationships with communities."

4. I love the branding! Can you walk me through the branding process? 

"This isn’t your mama’s book club. Our operating principles are nerds are cool, representation matters, experiences not stuff and tech to connect. We want to convey this to our audience as much as possible. We landed on the name Bad People Book Club – as the term ‘bad people’ is a phrase I use with friends to indicate anyone who subverts the status quo; our branding was created to mirror this ethos – with crazy colors, designs. Of course, it’s also intended to set us apart from the competition, which follow a very clean, modest branding."

Bad People Book Club Instagram 2
Bad People Book Club Instagram

5. What are your tips for someone looking to launch their creative side hustle or brand?

"Do something you care about. I enjoy the work I do for Bad People Book Club and would do it as a hobby without the profit." 

6. How do you market the book club?

"We’ve used a broad approach that includes everything from guerrilla marketing to paid search to social media. Most of our current sales are attributed to social media."

7. What is your best tip to grow a community?

"Start with your brand and do it well. Know what your brand stands for and think of the most interesting ways to bring that to life. Don't just recreate what your competitors are doing. Know exactly who your customers are - what they're into, the issues they care about, and where they hang out."

8. What has been your most successful marketing campaign?

"What has been your most successful marketing campaign? I feel like each campaign we do is more successful than the last. We learn more about our customers, what they like about our service. We’ve also been creating better and better cocktails each month – which is a instant boost in and of itself."

9. Where do you find creative inspiration? How do you inspire creativity in others?

"Everywhere! But I love Instagram. From artists and designers to influencers and other brands, there are so many creative people sharing wonderful work."

10. What was the hardest part about launching Bad People Book Club?

"Other people. I’ve had amazing support from close family and friends – but I think because people are scared to take that step themselves, they tend to criticize rather than engage. You’ve just gotta keep your head down, work hard, and do your best and the effort will pay off. Sometimes very slowly but you do get somewhere in the end."

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Thanks for sharing Abbey!

If you love books, check out Bad People Book Club's website and Instagram. Looking for more creative inspiration? Check out more interviews about building a brand & some resources! 

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