The Top 5 Sites to Help Build a Startup's Brand Designs

Photo by  Jason Leung  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

By: Carli Evilsizer | February 9, 2018

Building your brand can be a daunting task. How do you even begin to decide on the colors for your new startup? Or maybe you’ve been tasked with having to help a startup completely rebrand themselves with zero budget? #startuplife

But how do you know what fonts you like? How do you create the perfect color palette? What should your logo look like? Should your brand have custom illustrations? It seems overwhelming when you are just beginning to think about building all new designs for a startup at first.

Before you even begin to try to answer these questions, it’s key to get inspired. Below are the best sites to help you get design inspiration and understand all of the different designs routes you could potentially take. By learning about all of the different options, narrowing down the things you like and getting inspired, it will be be much easier to start designing your startup’s brand designs.


1) Find Fonts You Like

If you start off by browsing a long list of different fonts available on Photoshop or custom fonts on the internet you will get overwhelmed. Instead, find a few websites that you love – it can be a media site, a blog, your favorite products or even potential competitors. Once you have a list of websites you like, download the WhatFont Google Chrome extension. This tool will allow you to hover over any font on a website and know what font they have used. This can help you narrow down your favorite fonts so quickly.





2. Look At Other's Designs 

Dribble is a site created for graphic designers to showcase their work and find inspiration from other designers. It’s a very visual site and fun to poke around on. You can see what designers are creating for other companies, even startups. You can browse by color or browse to see if anything catches your eye. This is a great place to start off when trying to get inspired for brand designs.

dribbble logo.png




3. Create a Mood Board

If you haven’t played around on Designspiration yet you are missing out! This site is like Pinterest but specifically for design inspiration. It is a good site to browse once you have an idea of the types of things you like since you will have to type in keywords. You can search by colors, objects, decades, anything really. Not only is this a good place to get initial inspiration, but it’s also one of the best sites to find images once you are ready to build a mood board.




design .jpg

4. Build a Color Palette 

Okay, now that you’ve narrowed down some key colors you like, it’s time to look at color palettes… your startup can’t be built using just one color! Color Hunt hosts thousands of color palettes created by designers from around the world. What’s great about this site is they don’t just show you a few color palettes for inspiration – they actually share the exact hex numbers so you can use the exact colors you fall in love with.

colorhunt logo.gif

Color Hunt


colorhunt palettes

5. Start Practicing Design

There’s some debate about using Canva but if you aren’t an actual designer this is a great tool to use to play around with to begin trying to bring your brand designs to life. You can build anything with Canva, from logos to business cards. It would still be ideal to have a professional designer create these things for you if possible but this is a great site to start bringing your startup's brand to life! 

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