5 Digital Marketing Strategies Your Startup Needs Today

Photo from NVS Design

Photo from NVS Design

Guest Article: Chad Brittian | July 30, 2019


5 Digital Marketing Strategies Your Startup Needs to Accel in Today’s Business World

Chad Brittian  CEO of NVS Design, Inc.

Chad Brittian

CEO of NVS Design, Inc.

Chad Brittian is the CEO of NVS Design, Inc., a full-service award-winning advertising agency with locations in Indianapolis, Beverly Hills and most recently Chicago. This agency specializes in Website & App Development, Graphic Design and is also praised and known as a leader in the SEO space ranking some of their clients #1 globally. The agency was just awarded Media Innovator of the Year from CV Magazine for their recent development of a custom SEO Dashboard interface for clients to not only track their key terms and progress, but to see full analytical data pulled from Google to ensure their ongoing SEO Strategy is effective no matter the industry or market.



This is pretty much a no-brainer in 2019 but you would be surprised at how many businesses still have either no website or one that is so outdated it is actually hurting their business rather than helping it. Having an up-to-date website not only shows that you are a reputable business but it also allows for your potential customer or client to have a true pulse on who you are as a business. Since there are so many options at our fingertips, you have to do anything you can to catch that potential lead and turn it into a revenue source because if you don’t, someone else will. Making sure your information and content is as up-to-date as possible and captivating is imperative to your long-term success. Consider this your elevator pitch; you have very little time to make an impression so you better make it count.


Not all companies need an online store... or do they? While many companies can get away without having their products online (for now) it is something that will be a necessity in the near future. Brick and mortar stores are vastly dissipating to help cut costs, assist in loss prevention and increase profitability. If the big guys are doing it what makes you think you are so special not to follow suit or be ahead of the game? We are wanting more of a digital experience as each generation matures and buying decisions are influenced because of online availability. E-commerce helps elevate what you are trying to promote and sell. It also vastly helps with your SEO potential and driving potential clients and customers to your website. No matter if it is a physical product or service having an e-commerce presence on your website is sure to help boost your sales.

Photo from NVS

Photo from NVS


"Google has become the be-all in the digital space and is a must for a company to succeed in today’s business world.



SEO is a viable tool that allows for your company to be seen through a more generic search for a product or service. SEO allows for your company to be found without someone actually ever hearing about said company. Google has become the be-all in the digital space and is a must for a company to succeed in today’s business world. With the correct plan in place, developing a specific SEO Strategy for your business can truly take your company to places you could have never dreamed about even 10 years ago. It is all large in part to the way people now shop. We now have more of an appreciation as to what we can get for our money. We don’t have to use the local garden shop because we can now compare stock, pricing and see others reviews immediately because of Google and other search engines. As the market floods with more and more online retailers, becoming #1 will become increasingly difficult. Having a strong strategy with a realistic budget that won't break the bank is the best way to get your foundation and build your business SEO presence for continued success.


Almost everyone is on some type of social media whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or LinkedIn. Having a strong social media presence is critical to the success of your business, no matter the industry, and will become more so in the years to follow. Facebook is now flooded with ads on products and services and if done correctly, can be very beneficial to the company running the ads. Instagram has become its own vehicle and brand-builder for many influencers who are now making a nice living off of the products they sell, use and promote. As technology continues to change, so will the face of social media but it isn’t going away. Learning about what to do effectively will not only help your business grow but help it be seen by those that may have never come across your business otherwise. Having a good understanding as to how social media can help your business expand will also help you prepare for the new wave of online trends, which could be the one thing that truly allows for your company to fail or succeed in the future.


With the constant pricing increases in cable more and more consumers are viewing their shows and movies in non-traditional ways. Video on-demand accounts for a large percentage of total views for new content. This is a great avenue to get your company in-front of a very specific targeted audience that can allow for quick growth. We are a society that responds well to visual stimulation and appreciates seeing a product or service being used. Digital Video is a great way to not only enhance your website and social media posts but it is also a great way to reach a large amount of people at a low rate that would have formally been almost impossible for any startup company to afford.

Photo from NVS

Photo from NVS