3 Steps to Create a Startup Content Marketing Strategy

Photo by  Heather Schwartz  on  Unsplash

By: Carli Evilsizer | April 15, 2018

Has your startup decided to invest the time and energy into content marketing? Great! Content marketing is an amazing marketing strategy that can generate leads, boost SEO and educate your customers.

Content marketing is a lot of work and can be really hard marketing strategy to execute even for larger companies that have more resources and employees than your startup might. If you are struggling with getting started or executing your startup’s content marketing, don’t give up on it yet!

Check out 3 quick tips to get started on a successful content strategy for your startup below. And remember, content marketing is a long-term strategy that will take time to see results. 


1. Create a Strategy

As with any type of marketing, the first place to start is with a solid strategy! Before you start building any type of content it is key to build a solid content marketing plan. A content marketing strategy for a startup should include why you are investing in content marketing, qualitative and quantitative goals and the types of content you will create. Nabeena Mali, Head of Marketing at AppInstitute also suggests planning out specific CTA’s and finding organic ways to include these throughout your content to help generate even higher traffic.

Nabeena Mali

Nabeena Mali

Head of Marketing at AppInstitute

I would encourage new startups to formulate a content marketing strategy straight away. There’s a ton of great guides online that will tell you how to get started. Use something like ‘Answer the Public’ to find what questions your potential customers are asking. Then answer those questions in your content. Fill your content with targeted, non-invasive call to actions and you’ll see leads coming in - and perfect your outreach strategy to build links to the content that will see you steadily climb the ranks in organic search. We wish we had started it sooner! We’re seeing more traffic with our content marketing strategy today than we ever did when we were spending huge amounts on advertising - and it shows in our customer acquisition cost at the end of each month.”

-Nabeena Mali, Head of Marketing at AppInstitute


2. Make it Easy to Execute

If content marketing is difficult to execute, it’s never going to stick! Once you plan the strategy and content buckets it is essential to plan out how you are going to execute this content marketing strategy. What platform will you use to host your content? What team member will be responsible for writing the content? Who and how will you put the content live? Lindsey Havens, Senior Marketing Manager at Phish Labs explains why it is key to find a way to make content marketing easy for marketers to execute without needing the support of a dev team.

Lindsey Havens

Lindsey Havens

Senior Marketing Manager at Phish Labs

“Many startups have to learn from early marketing mistakes. One of those mistakes is the inability of the marketing department to update marketing campaigns, post new blogs or change out other types of content purely because they have to rely on engineering to deploy code change to edit copy. One way to avoid this mistake is to invest in content management software. That way marketers to update website content themselves via a graphical interface. There is no need for coding knowledge or engineering intervention. Content management works.”

-Lindsey Havens, Senior Marketing Manager at Phish Labs


3. Promote, Promote, Promote!

Now that you have a content marketing strategy and have found an easy way to execute on this strategy the only thing that is left is creating the content right? Wrong! One of the most common mistakes startups make with their content marketing strategy is to simply create the content and expect to see organic traffic. Once you create the content, start promoting it! Share it on your startup’s social media accounts, ask your team members to help share it, send it to people in your network or a few relevant press contacts.

Josh Matteson Headshot

Josh Matteson

Internet Marketing Coordinator/Writer at Lula

“The biggest mistake startups make in marketing is expecting to see organic results without putting in the work. Do the research and develop high-quality content and promote it, then promote it some more.”

-Josh Matteson, Internet Marketing Coordinator/Writer at Lula


Content marketing takes a lot of time and resources to execute successfully and sometimes it can take years to begin to see the payoff on all that hard work but when done properly it is well worth it! Startups will have more challenges to overcome when it comes to executing quality content marketing but if you follow these 3 tips from Nabeena Mali, Lindsey Havens and Josh Matteson to set up a strong strategy from the start you will be ahead of the curve!